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Health And Safety Alerts

Employers in the cleaning industry had a spate of serious accidents involving slip hazards especially with third parties. These accidents highlighting necessity to train educate and teach cleaners. These trainings must abide custom explanations of how correct and safe system of work is followed when undertaking cleaning duties within the business. For example accident could involve a member of client staff or members of the public; they could slip over on recently mopped floors. This could be caused:

Health And Safety Alerts

  • No utilized warning signs when available locally.
  • Floors excessively wet.
  • No utilized barrier.
  • Using incorrect cleaning products.
  • Using too much of cleaning detergent.
  • Floors are not dried.

To avoid all this hassle and accidents whist cleaning, scrubbing or polishing floors cleaners must follow at all times practical controls in working areas to minimize the potential for further slipping incidents and costly PP claims.

To provide professional cleaning services anywhere in London every cleaning company must ensure its cleaning operatives follow:

  • Instructions
  • Given training
  • Use safe cleaning methodology
  • Use warning signs
  • Use barriers
  • Cordon areas
  • Limit effect of contamination by treating spillages promptly
  • Follow safe cleaning methods
  • Minimize floors drying times
  • Use light cleaning method
  • Report uneven surfaces to supervisors or client
  • Good housekeeping

Good housekeeping

Cleaning managers in different departments like carpet cleaning, maid service, commercial cleaning, domestic cleaning and office cleaning, must train, manage and supply those who clean floors to ensure effective and safe cleaning activities. Frequent spot cleaning can supplement whole-floor treatment. Work with client to ensure maintaining of floors to maximize slip resistance. They have to establish positive attitude within the cleaning teams so that the slips can be prevented. Main point for this is also good lighting conditions so the floors can be observed and work can be carried out safely. At the end ensure that every cleaner wear suitable footwear for conditions, work and the individual.

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