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In Cleaning Safety Comes First

Health, safety and well being in the cleaning industry are very important part in every process. Directors, management, supervisors and operatives have only one aim and this to go home safe. That is why we have to bring to everybody’s attention that when we updating and compiling of controlled information we trying this to be displayed in the notice board in Holmwood Guest House. Document and control are step towards minimizing risks, documentation and procedures produced will be controlled as according to management system control processes.

In Cleaning Safety Comes First

Prompt distribution of documents, standardization of cleaning activities.

The distribution of and updating of the controlled Health and Safety notice board is the responsibility of the operational cleaning managers team when received.

A benefit of cleaner’s standardizations:

Benefits of health and safety notice board standardizations include:

A benefit of cleaner’s standardizations

  • That brings more efficiency to the management and administration of HSE from one site to multiply cleaner’s sites.
  • Ensures clear and easy to find current H&S information
  • Provides easier audits when undertaken in a single office or multiply sites.
  • Highlights targeted and focused health and safety initiatives currently being undertaken, the results of the last initiatives undertaken and the current health and safety performance (number of reportable accident, free days etc.)

Audit and Inspection:

Cleaning it’s not an easy task. It follows many methods, techniques and procedures, if cleaners not priorities important steps it could fail the task. The required cleaning standards will not be achieved and dissatisfaction will be at present. That is why not only in office cleaning, but domestic and commercial sector audits are essential parts of day to day cleaning activities. The controlled way will be subject to audit to ensure up to date and relevant information displayed. Non-conformances identified will be subject the corrective action to be responsible manager/ department and subject to review as completed before sign-off as according to Holmwood Guest House.

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